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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Way Back When-esday!

This is in honor of one of my newest blog readers (hey, Debi). My friend Debi who lives in Ohio FINALLY got internet in her house and has started reading my blog. This pic is circa 1991. This is Shannon and Debi's daughter, Jennifer. This is right around the time that Barney made his debut and Shannon LOVED him. We had to have everything Barney. You probably can't tell but she has on a Barney shirt, Barney shoes and a Barney hair bow (yes, she wore them too like Addi does now). I had heard that Barney was going to be at this drugstore on Powder Springs Rd. so of course, I took the girls to see him. Barney looks kinda scary, doesn't he??

I'll leave you with a little Barney song we had to sing to Shannon every time she got into the bathtub.

"Shannon's gettin' in the water, Shannon's gettin' in the water, Shannon's gettin' in the water but she didn't get wet YET!!!" (you had to kind of yell the word YET!!)

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Hollie said...

Awww, what a cute photo! My son, Colt loved Barney too, but he won't admit it now that he's 17. LOL