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Monday, December 10, 2012

Elf Adventures 2012

Elf Adventures 2012!  We have 2 elves that used to visit Drew.  They didn't come last year because Drew thought he was too old and they thought Addi was too young.  They almost didn't show up this year because they thought Addi still wouldn't understand them.  But they made an appearance anyway and are sooooo glad they did!  Addi loves them and wakes up every morning sooo excited to see what they are up to!

(I will be updating this all month!!!)

December 2~They appeared last Sunday with a North Pole breakfast!  Addi's eyes lit up like you wouldn't believe.  She was beyond excited!

Drew....not so much!  We had to wake him up to see all the fun and he was a sleepyhead through the whole thing!

December 3~Addi woke up to her panties decorating the Christmas tree.  She laughed and laughed.  The elves were so glad they decided to come after hearing that sweet laughter!

December 4~They brought her a Dora Christmas puzzle and were trying to put it together when she caught them!
December 5~Taking a joyride in the Little Tykes van!  Hope they have a driver's license!!

December 6~Taking a marshmallow bath in Stella's bathtub!  Silly elves!
December 7~We caught them breaking into a bag of Christmas candy!

December 8~This is what Addi woke up to this morning.  This was covering her door when she opened it!

December 9~Roasting marshmallows!  Glad they didn't catch anything on fire!
December 10~They got into the cereal last night! LOL

December 11~Naughty elves tp'd the living room. (thank goodness for the $$ store).

December 12~Poor Sparkle.  He fell yesterday while tp'ing the living room.  This is how we found him this morning.  Hope he feels better soon!

December 13~Playing games with the Barbies!

 December 14~Fun with M & M's!

December 15~Naughty elves playing with paint!

 December 16~Brrrrr.  Found them in the freezer this morning!

December 17~What nice elves we have.  They brought new Christmas Play Doh and cookie cutters!

December 18~Caught them playing in the cookie jar!  And they left Addi and Drew an elf cookie!

December 19~They made a huge mess in the kitchen with paper snowflakes!

December 20~Silly elves taking a hot air balloon ride!

 December 21~They left a gingerbread house to put together!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Shan!

I can't believe she is 25 already!  We all went out to dinner at our favorite family hang out....On The Border!
We also celebrated the birthdays of David and Taylor (Taylor's flavor of the month).  I call him the boy Taylor...isn't he cute???  And so sweet...Addi adores him!

And then it started.....Taylor got a hold of my camera and everyone got into the act.  You will notice that there is no picture of me posted. They did take some pics but because I am the owner of this blog...I get to decide what goes on here.  And I didn't want to scare off the 2-3 readers I do have so I chose not to post them.  Oh my. Enjoy the chaos.  I can't imagine what the people around us were thinking. Oh my.