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Monday, June 7, 2010

Silly About Silly Bandz!

Has this fad hit your house yet?? It is running rampant here in the James house! Drew is a Silly-band-collecting-buying-trading fool! He is obsessed with it. (No idea where these tendencies come from...ha!) Learning Express at the Avenue has a Trading day every Tuesday from 4-6. So last week, I took him. It was hilarious watching the kids get excited about these little things! Dang...why didn't I think of this?????


mmullenix said...

oh yeah I can relate - they've been taking up space in my house since before Christmas!

And every time I shell out $5 to buy a pack, I shake my head and say "why couldn't I have thought of this!" Sometimes J says it for me :)

Karen said...

Silly bandz have definitely made it to Massachusetts... to the point that they've been banned (no pun intended) at one of my schools because they're "disruptive to learning." Even the middle and high schoolers are wearing them. And... we all know where Drew gets his obsessive tendencies! LOL