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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Virtual Scrapbook Yard Sale



~Click on the slideshow and you will see everything that I have.......well, not everything, this is just drop in the bucket. But it's a start anyway. After clicking on the slideshow...click on each item to make it bigger and see the description/price/item #.

~Almost everything is new. If not, I will try to note it...but if it's not new...it is like new...believe me.

~You can either comment ON THIS POST...or better yet, email me @ Janellj@aol.com and let me know what you would like.

~When you email me with your selections...PLEASE include the item # with your email. If I have more than one of an item...there will be that many item #'s. I will remove all solds.

~If someone posts for something...I will try to mark it as pending....if you are interested, go ahead and request it anyway in case someone backs out.

~Please pay within 24 hours of total given, unless prior arrangements are made. If you post for something, please follow through and purchase it as I may have already told someone else it was sold.

~If you live close to me, we can make arrangements to meet or pick up at my house.

~If I need to mail your items (US ONLY please unless we discuss it) I probably won't have time to do shipping quotes unless you are really interested....but please know that I will mail the cheapest rate possible but will add delivery confirmation to your package. If you want your items insured...please let me know and I can add that to your shipping.

~Payment for mailed items...Paypal only. If you pick up, I prefer cash but can discuss taking a check.

~This will be cross posted at several different places so if more than one person posts for the same item...I will go by time stamp.

~I have priced everything very cheap so I am not taking offers at this time. Eventually, I will probably drop prices.
~I also have a zillion scrapbook idea books and magazines. I will sell the magazines for 10 for $1.00...can send these media mail. If you are interested in a certain idea book...let me know, I probably have it!

Thanks so much for looking and if there is something that you are looking for and don't see...please ask me. I have tons and tons more to go through!


Heather said...

Hi..I sent an email already but I thought I would post here also in case you check one before the other...I am interested in purchasing item #s 6, #18, #32, #54 and #56...thanks so much, I live in the chattanooga area, not sure if that is close to you or not..I am also interested in purchasing probably 15 -20 of the magazines if you live close by...thanks again

Anonymous said...

So I'm guessing you sold the recipe book as I can't find an item # for it but a pic of inside the book is in the slideshow. I'm interested in the book if it isn't sold.