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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bye, Baby!

At 21 months, Addi is talking up a storm. She just amazes me every day with the things she says and knows. She cracks me up too. One night a few weeks ago, she had the whole family laughing like crazy. Keith's mom (Nanny) had sent Drew and Addi a Halloween card with some money in it. Of course, it was burning a hole in Drew's pocket so we headed out to Walmart. Keith and I picked out 3 things that might interest Addi....a baby doll, a little pony and a barbie. We held them all in front of her to pick and she went straight for the baby.
She grabbed it and didn't let go the entire time we were in the store. However, when we got up to the register for some reason, she threw the baby down. Keith picked it up and handed it back to her and she threw it down again. So he told her that she wasn't getting it and he gave it to the cashier. Didn't faze Addison in the least and nothing else was said about the baby.We headed out to the car. Loaded the bags, strapped Addi in and all got in the car. All of a sudden as we were driving away...a little voice came from the back seat that said "Bye, baby!!". We died laughing!!!

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