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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to.......

......one of the sweetest people I know~my friend Beth!!! She really is one of the most helpful, sweet, generous, organized people I know. But don't let her completely fool you....she IS a red head and you know what they say about red heads....ha!!
Beth, I know you will read this so for your birthday, I am going to give you the gift of laughter. Here you go: Molly Monster, gingerbread men on the playground, Dylan's dad at the CC, Shirlene calling the CC, Elizabeth at the CC, runaway bunny, Nicknack and Hulio, "Is lunch ready yet??", menges, the library books, the vanity, the coconut and the hammer, the security guard at the Hilton, the gift checkoff at Christmas, Princess and Dr. Wellbee, Karly R. Atwood, Taylor Deese and the box, the parent with the dog memorial pendant and............"we are the boss of Pre-k". There are sooo many more but this should tide you over for now.

Have a Happy Birthday!!!!

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Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Beth! Hope you have a great day!