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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Building Rosey!

I have been dying to take Addi to Build A Bear for the longest time. I could never find a time to take her when Keith was in town (Daddy wanted to go too) so we just kept putting it off. Well, a few weeks ago...I got a $10 off coupon in the mail, just out of the blue. I checked out their website since it has been YEARS since we took Drew and was surprised at how inexpensive some of the bears were. So we went. She was beside herself with excitement and was over the moon happy when I steered her towards the $10 bear!! Now if they didn't have all of those cute clothes and accessories we very well would have walked out of there almost making money!

Picking out what would soon become Rosey the bear!
She was in that state that I have told you about before. Totally calm and quiet. It very rarely happens but it seems when it does it's always at the right time.
Kissing her heart and putting it in Rosey!Stuffing Rosey!Now it's time for a bath and a fluff!Daddy dressing Rosey in one of those cute outfits!And here she is........ Rosey with her new Mommy!

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Gymbo4Angel said...

Very cute! I took my dd to build a bear when she was 2 and a half, she loved it too. I tried to steer her towards the cheaper bears but she wanted hello kitty and a lot of accesories!

They have such neat places for kids now, makes me feel like I was deprived as a child, jk well maybe a little.