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Friday, February 10, 2012

VIP Back Stage Tour

Addi had a lunch meeting with her friend, Gabby at Chick Fil A the other day and while we there we got to take a backstage tour! Gotta love CFA! They do the coolest stuff!

Here are the girls waiting with their backstage tour passes!

They welcomed us with a note in the flour!

This is Brittany. She was so sweet to the girls!

We got to sample the lemonade (and no I didn't ask for some unsweet tea).

They had little stations set up all through the tour!

Brittany again...telling them how they make their milkshakes!

Silly Gabby sampling the new grilled chicken. When asked if she liked it she said "NO"!!

This is Mike that goes to our church. I had no idea he even worked there. We tried to get the secret chicken ingredient out of him to no avail!
They gave them all kinds of goodies. As soon as we got back out to the lobby...Addi's balloon popped with the loudest pop ever. It made everyone jump! She burst into tears! Of course, they took her back to get another one!

Oh, and I can't forget...we got to tour with a celeb. This is Rachel Cathy...Truitt's granddaughter. I wanted to get her autograph but didn't want her to think I was TOTALLY nuts! Ha! Brittany told us they do these tours on random days between 12-1 pm or you can also call and schedule one! Drew wants to go during our February break so we may be going back!

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