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Monday, October 22, 2012

Salute America 2012 Air Show

We went to the air show on Saturday!  Wow!  Lots of fun and excitement for a little old Paulding county airport. It drew a huge crowd and I saw licence plates from all over.
  This jet powered outhouse with fire coming from it was the kick off to the show!!

  The guy in charge of the show was friends with one of the pilots in these jets.  They were from Randolph AFB in Texas and were headed somewhere north of us.  The guy talked them into doing a fly over a few little tricks on their way through town!  Pretty cool!

 This plane did tons of tricks in the air, including flying upside down for the longest time.  Yikes!
 And the grand finale!  This bus was jet powered (like the outhouse) and traveled at 308 mph.  They had a race between the plane and the bus. The bus won by a long shot!  Another perfect fall day!!

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