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Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Shan!

I can't believe she is 25 already!  We all went out to dinner at our favorite family hang out....On The Border!
We also celebrated the birthdays of David and Taylor (Taylor's flavor of the month).  I call him the boy Taylor...isn't he cute???  And so sweet...Addi adores him!

And then it started.....Taylor got a hold of my camera and everyone got into the act.  You will notice that there is no picture of me posted. They did take some pics but because I am the owner of this blog...I get to decide what goes on here.  And I didn't want to scare off the 2-3 readers I do have so I chose not to post them.  Oh my. Enjoy the chaos.  I can't imagine what the people around us were thinking. Oh my.

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