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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Found My Pot of Gold!

Jackie and I were driving yesterday to pick up our checks from the consignment sale and it had just finished raining and the sun popped right out. I told the kids to be on the lookout because this was perfect conditions for a rainbow. Within seconds, we turned the corner and saw a HUGE double rainbow. By the time I pulled over and found my camera....the double part was gone but I still managed to capture this. It was beautiful! Oh, and the pot of gold part, you ask??? I made $575 at the consignment sale!!!!! YIPPEE!!


Karen said...

Wow... good for you! Did you get your camera fixed?

monica said...

Holy Moly.....you did amazing!! I'm hanging onto most of Cole's for another 12 months, hoping we use it again ;) If not then I'll be selling too.

Laura said...

Great photo and congrats on the pot of gold!