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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An admission of Guilt!

Remember a few weeks ago when I had a little poll going about whether or not I should continue doing Freebie Friday? Well, there were a ton of "Yes" answers and 3 little "No" answers. When I saw that.....I thought Hmmpphh! But whatever.
Wellllll.....this weekend at dinner, my sister Jackie admitted to me that she voted "No" 2 times!!! She said she likes to read stories and see pictures but does not care about FF AT ALL. So I got to thinking about it and realized that I think she just likes to see herself in pictures on my blog. So I decided to make this post all about her. Hopefully, this will make her happy.....if she doesn't kill me first!
So..here ya go, Jackie...it's all about you today!! Hope you enjoy it!
The bikini picture was supposed to go here but I decided not to be THAT mean!
And I know you have all seen this one before but I couldn't resist posting it again....it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Oh, and for the record....I am not sure who the 3rd "No" is from but I have a very good feeling about it (starts with a T). For her sake....let's hope I never find out for sure. LOL


Anonymous said...

The second picture makes me laugh, the look you are giving her so funny!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! I did not even vote! I promise. If you were talking about me.
Just thinking about Jackie voting no twice makes laugh.

Karen said...

Jackie is very photogenic!

mmullenix said...

OMGosh - I hope I never get on your bad side - LOL! I promise I didn't vote :)

monica said...

You're cracking me up. I voted a big YEE HAW Yes b/c I LOVE those things!!

J said...

OMG! A dream come true, a post all about me. I would have been okay with the bikini picture only if it were from 20 years ago.

Amanda Phillips said...

Crackin me up Janell!! Keep up the good work!!