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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Twelve Days Of Christmas........

......for teachers, neighbors, grandparents, co-workers...or just anyone. I do this every year for Drew's teachers, although this year since he has Mrs. Hatch for the 2nd time...I will have to come up with something new. It will be kind of nice to have a break because although, this is so much fun to do (and they LOVE it)...it is a TON of work. I wanted to go ahead and post about it early this year in case someone is not (unlike me) a procrastinator and wants to get started.

I posted all of it last year so instead of reposting the whole thing...I am just going to link you to last year's post. If you have any questions...let me know! Hope your teachers enjoy it as much as ours do! Click here to see all 12 Days!


Lisa Murphy said...

Thanks for posting again this year. I'm going to try it for my two elementary school teachers. I've got the tags printed, shopping tomorrow for items :) Sorry to hear about the "dryer fire"... nothing surprises me with you!

monica said...

I absolutely love this, what lucky ladies the teachers are. I need to remember this when Cole gets older.

Readings, Recipes and Rambles said...

Love this. Thank you. I remembered it from last year! I am having a tough time with the game and not getting as lucky as you did with the trivia cards!! I think this is going to be a huge hit!