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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas!

Someone asked, so I obliged. Here are all of the Twelve Days of Christmas in one post! This would be fun for a teacher, neighbor, secret santa or anyone else whose day you would like to brighten!!

The 1st day of Christmas is an ornamnet! It's the FIRST day of Christmas.
Here's something for your tree.
To let you know you're thought of
With love from our Family!

The 2nd day of Christmas is a candle.

It’s the SECOND day of Christmas.
Here’s a little light to shine.
To brighten and remind us that
You are so divine!

The 3rd day of Christmas is a bottle of Sprite!

It’s the THIRD day of Christmas.
And we wish you much delight
In this season full of fun.
May your days be merry and “SPRITE”

The 4th day of Christmas is a book. (normally, I would send a book that is age appropriate for the class but Drew's teacher just found out she is expecting so I thought she would enjoy these little board books). It’s the FOURTH day of Christmas.
We hope you are doing well.
Here’s one of our favorite stories
That sure is nice to tell!

The 5th day of Christmas is chocolate!
It’s the FIFTH day of Christmas.
And here is something sweet.
There’s nothing like a little chocolate
To make the day complete!

The 6th day of Christmas is a movie and popcorn. (I usually snag a $3 at Target's Black Friday sale for this)

It’s the SIXTH day of Christmas.
And it’s time to get some rest.
Here’s a movie and some popcorn.
We think you’re simply the best!

The 7th day of Christmas is a gane. (This is a hard one and I might try to change it. But I did find this little trivia game for $1 at Walmart. I thought she could use it with the kids or her own family Christmas)
It’s the SEVENTH day of Christmas.
And we sure are having fun.
Here’s a game for you to play.
We hope it’s fun for everyone!

The 8th day of Christmas is a dish towel.

It’s the EIGHTH day of Christmas.
A towel we give to you!
To dry a Christmas dish or plate.
And remind you that you’re great!

The 9th day of Christmas is a can of nuts!It’s the NINTH day of Christmas.
We say thanks for all you do.
We want to let you know,
That we are “NUTS” for you!

The 10th day of Christmas is a mug and hot chocolate!

It’s the TENTH day of Christmas.
Here’s something nice and hot.
To warm you up and let you know,
That you are loved a lot!

The 11th day of Christmas is Hershey Kisses!
It’s the ELEVENTH day of Christmas.
We’re dropping off some kisses.
We want to send our love to you….
And warmest Christmas wishes!

The 12th day of Christmas is warm socks!
It’s the TWELFTH day of Christmas.
Here’s something for your toes.
Just relax and snuggle up.
You’re the best…everyone knows!


Anonymous said...

What did the teacher think of all these gifts?

monica said...

I am SO doing this for someone or somefew ;)

rachelle said...

Oh I just love this idea and we started today. Thank you for posting this, it's just the cutest! :)

Kimberly KellyMaurice said...

We are having so much fun with this! My sons Kindergarten teacher is LOVING it!! I can't wait to do this with each of my 4 childrens teachers in the coming years!!!

Brandi said...

I did this for my daughters preschool teacher and for her Kdg teacher. I am in the process of getting the stuff for her 1st grade teacher. So far they have all loved it :) Thanks for having the poems on here!

Kelsey said...

We are starting this today for a neighbor (we want to make sure we can get it all in in case they go out of town for the holidays). Thanks so much for the ideas! We're super excited!

Suzanne Holt said...

This is such a creative idea!

Anonymous said...

Very creative. Will try it with staff next Christmas. With 21 staff.... well, I better start now.