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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What have we been up to?

You ask??? I have been a very bad blogger of late! Trying to do better...we will see if that happens or not now that school is officially out!

Drew having fun at his school Field day!
Our church held their 2nd annual Women's Tea. This year was a Mad Hatter Tea Party so of course, Addi wore one of her prettiest dress and hat to match! Yes, I know I have a problem....but I just can't help myself!

Drew's class was on the local news! Chesley from 11 Alive came and did a whole lesson on weather with the kids and then they were live on the 12 o clock news!
And of course we never miss our community's Touch A truck. Even though Addi has been every year since she was born (the first time she was barely a month old)....this was the first year that she really "got" it. She had a great time!!! And don't let Drew fool you....he loves it too (he is his mother's son).
And we have made many visits to the park lately. Addi loves it and every time we drive by our little park in Hiram...she squeals with delight and says "Let's doe swis way" (Let's go this way).

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