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Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh, Baby!

I was sooo excited to take Addi to Babyland General Hospital...home of the Cabbage Patch Kids. As a kid....I grew up going here but this time was different. They had recently built a brand new hospital and I have been dying to go check it out. And you must know that Addi's thing is babies. She LOVES her babies. So I knew she would be head over heels in love with this place. We kept telling her we were taking her to the baby store and she was so happy. She informed us on the ride there that she wanted "a baby, a stroller, a banket and a bobble". I had no doubt in my mind that her wish would be fulfilled!!

Here is the new hospital...isn't it just gorgeous???

And this is what they had planted along the walkway to go in. Cabbages...how cute is that!!??

Some shots inside the hospital. Words just cannot describe how cute this place is. It is seriously every little girls dream come true!

Addi....I don't think those bottles were meant for you!

One of the "nurses" at the hospital.

Drew smiling for the camera....against his better judgement! Of course, I had to get a pic of the little CPK wearing Gymboree!While we were there, we go to witness Mrs. Cabbage delivering 2 babies! This is hysterical.More random shots! Addi leaving with her new "baby". She has not stopped talking about this place either. She tells me daily that she wants to go back. I made a deal with her that when she goes potty all the time...we will take her back.

We have been working on that (potty training) all week. I feel like that fish (salmon??) that swims the wrong way up the river. It has been very trying...to say the least! And just because I haven't said it lately.....I'm too old for this!!! .

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Carley said...

How fun is that place?! I would've loved to go there as a kid and I know my baby-obsessed 3-year old would love to go too. Good luck with the potty training.

Carley (TateyBugsMama from GF)