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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5th Grade!!

Where oh where did my little boy go??? Drew started 5th grade this week. How the heck did that happen???? Makes me sooo sad. He LOVES his teacher, Mrs. Ferguson (me too). He wasn't real thrilled with me taking his pic.....but I did anyway! (This year is bittersweet because his school will be closing after this year and Addi won't get to go there. But I am happy that he made it from K-5th grade there)

I bought Addi a little backpack and she thought she was going to school too. When we got home from dropping him off, she refused to get out of the car and said (yelled) "Take me to school". Soon enough, little girl, soon enough.

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Laura said...

They are getting so big Janell! I have been really bad about reading blogs. I need to get back into it. Maybe once school starts here and the grandkids aren't here constantly. LOL! Hope all is well in Georgia.