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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Over the river, and through the woods.....

......to get a Christmas Tree we go. Keith finally won out and persuaded me to get a real tree. It's not that I was against the idea of a real tree....I just liked the convenience of my pre-lit artificial tree. But since half of the lights went out on it last year (a week before Christmas when it was fully decorated) it was time for a new tree so I decided to give it a try.

A rare peaceful sibling moment!

See it didn't last long. Addi said ..."pick this one" and....

Drew said, "No, pick this one". "Or this one!!".
Making sure it passes the smell test!
We finally found the perfect tree! TIMBER!!!
Gotta haul it to the car!
And off we go!


Laura said...

What great pictures! Hope you have a fabulous holiday. I can't believe how big both the kiddos are getting!

LuAnne said...

These pictures are so cute, Merry Christmas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those fuzzy boots!

ken-sara said...

Such a cute blog...added you to my favorites!