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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Barney Fife To The Rescue!!

Last night I was here with 2 kids (Drew and Holley, my niece who is 3). Keith is gone hunting for the weekend. I was up in my scraproom and I thought I heard something (I get a little nervous when Keith is gone). I paused the tv and listened but everything was quiet. I turned the tv back on and went about my business of straightening my scraproom and then it happened. The house alarm went off. I was like a deer in headlights and froze in my tracks.

I ran to my room to grab the phone and pushed talk to dial 911 and the phone was silent!!!! DEAD as a doornail (like I thought I might be in the next few minutes). I was shaking so hard I could hardly breathe. I didn't know what to do so I ran into my scraproom, opened the window and started screaming..."HELP". (Don't laugh). No one responded which somehow I knew that would be the case so I kept trying the phone. After about 5 tries...there was finally a dial tone and I dialed 911. Whenever our alarm has gone off in the past....my alarm company will call, but they didn't tonight, I guess due to a problem with the phone.

I was freaking to the dispatcher. I was not about to go downstairs and the alarm was just blaring the whole time. The kids never moved a muscle, thank goodness.

She said that the alarm company had already called and they were on their way and to call back if I needed to. (in the movies they always make you stay on the phone but she didn't). So I locked the door to my bedroom (the kids had fallen asleep in my bed watching a movie). I then called my sister and she stayed on the phone with me until 2 police cars came tearing dowm my street on 2 wheels (luckily no lights and sirens). I ran down to let them in and they said it was the basement alarm, which is 2 floors below where I was.

They went down and checked and saw nothing out of place....door was locked up tight. The only thing we thought of is our lab, Lily is out in the backyard and maybe she pushed against the door!

OMG!!! I was scared to go to sleep because if that alarm had gone off during the night I might actually have had a heart attack on the spot. But I was afraid not to set the alarm.........

Oh...and there is a lighter side to this.....I was thinking while I was talking to Jackie right before they got here about how I could casually ask them if I could take their picture for a 'project" I am doing. But I decided they wouldn't find the humor in it and I better not.


Tiffany said...

OMG! That is scary!!!

Amy said...

You and your stories always crack me up! Glad you're ok!

reelnecessity1 said...

OMG, that was a Barney Fife moment. Glad you are all O.K. Maybe you should have asked him for his picture. He might have gotten a chuckle, and it would have been too cute! Was he cute? Take care, Becky

Tonya Powell said...

That's pretty funny. Like the other people...I am glad that all was okay. I'm a big chicken too so don't be too hard on yourself!! I still turn off lights and take off running, jump across the edge of the bed so no one grabs me from my ankles--yep~ I'm a chicken!