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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bunco Night!!

Thursday was Bunco night at my house. I have been playing with this same group of friends for close to 5 years now. We have a lot of fun! Every month someone different hosts at their house and takes care of the dinner and dessert. Some of the fun things we do: annual kids Bunco where all of the kids come and play, couples Bunco by the pool, wear your jammies night (this months theme) and at Christmas we always have a gift exchange and go out to dinner! Keith says it is a competition to see who can have their house looking the best and the most elaborate food! Ha!

Pictured above: Beth G., Shea, Me, Jodi

Amy (trying to stay out of the view of the camera), Julie & MeTiffany & JulieBeth G. & Jackie Beth S. & Jennifer Tiffany, Katy, Julie & Amy
Usually we have a delicious home cooked dessert. This time I decided to pull the old "44 and pregnant" trick and bought assorted ice cream bars. Even though I heard a few snide remarks (you know who you are....Tiffany), they sure were wolfing those things down!

I love Bunco night......when it's at someone else's house! ;)


Amy L said...

Great photos Janell...you look so cute!

Jodi said...

I thought it was a great bunco. You did good!