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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank you, Beth(s)

My two good friends and neighbors....both named Beth (and both married to Garys) threw me a neighborhood shower today. It was so much fun and I got tons of cute little girlie things. We now have bibs, burp cloths and DIAPERS! Yay! Jackie and I had so much fun bringing everything home and putting it all away (after sorting and touching each little thing). Girl stuff is so much fun! I did have my camera but I was so busy talking and having fun that I didn't take very many pictures. Beth (Silver) was snapping away so I wasn't too concerned! Thank you to everyone who came...I love all of the wonderful gifts. And THANK YOU, Beths....I really appreciate everything you both did!

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angism said...

How fun!! I know you must be getting excited:)