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Friday, November 6, 2009

Mystery of The Missing Shoe!

 And now for the "Mystery of The Missing Shoe". For those of you who know me personally....this story will not surprise you in the least and for those who don't, I promise I am not as wacko as this sounds. Aren't these the most darling little shoes? Yeah, I thought so too. Yesterday, Addi wore these darling little shoes when I went to Carrollton to meet my friend , Michelle (hey, MM) for lunch. Well, if you were/are one of "those mothers" who insist that their babies wear shoes, you know that baby shoes do not stay on baby feet very well. I almost lost one shoe in the restaurant. If it weren't for the nice lady who chased us out the door to return it, it would have been gone then.

So I am very aware of the fact that I need to be on the look out for a missing shoe at all times. At some point during the evening I was doing my daily chore of cleaning out the diaper bag and putting things away. I pulled out one darling shoe and reached in for the other. Imagine my panic concern when it was not there. I dumped out the diaper bag and frantically searched through every little thing. Nothing. My mind is back tracking to where I had been and when I had last seen BOTH shoes.

Besides Carrollton, the only place I had gone was to the park but Addi did not wear her shoes there. But what if one had fallen out of the car as Drew got out. Oh my! I searched the car 3 times. Searched the diaper bag again. No darling shoe.

This is 9 something at night and Keith is out of town. How would I ever sleep? I could just picture that little shoe out in the parking lot of the park . So what does every responsible mother do who has lost her baby's shoe??? Please don't turn me in for this....I got Addi out of bed, told Drew to get a blanket and we loaded up and headed to the park. Thank goodness it is only a few miles away. We got there, drove by where I had parked three times and the parking lot was void of all baby shoes.

So, we started back home. Drew said, "Well, I guess we are headed to Carrollton, huh Mom??" LOL!!! Even I am not that desperate (although it did cross my mind). So we got home, I got both of them to bed and after searching a few many more places that I knew it wouldn't be...I gave up and went to bed myself.

At 3 something this morning, I woke up and immediately thought of that cute little shoe. I got up and decided to look downstairs one last time. I walked over to where Addi had been rolling around on the floor and lo and behold there it was in all it's glory. Hidden in the plants that she had gotten tangled up in earlier. I was so happy that I wanted to wake Drew up and tell him...but I didn't. Because what kind of mother would I be if I woke my child up at 3am over something as silly as a shoe???