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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Diary of a Mad Shopping Trip!

Well, I told you that Jackie and I go on a marathon shopping trip every day after Thanksgiving! My mom started it years ago and since we are all about tradition, we have to keep it up. We do shop, but it's more about hanging out with no kids/husbands, eating and just being out in the crowd. Since I am the one who requires little to no sleep, I am always ready to go hours before she is. She needs her beauty rest, I guess.
Target opened at 5am and I "needed" to be there. There really wasn't much I needed to get, but Sleeping Beauty had a whole list of things that she needed. So I conned my niece, Belinda into going with me. It was a madhouse. The line just to get in the store was wrapped around the building. We had fun though and surprisingly, got everything that we went for except one little $3 item (I really wanted that sandwich maker too).
Jackie figuring out our "strategy"
Lunch at PF Chang!

I took Belinda home and picked up Jackie at 7am. We made a quick run through Chick Fil A and Gymboree (got Addi a coat for next year for under $10!!!) and then headed to Northpoint Mall. We were in the mall by 8:30. We had lunch at PF Chang....free lettuce wraps and a 10% off coupon. Dinner was at Buca D'Peppa with a $10 off coupon (for those of you who know the history.......they no longer sell their Spumoni!!! we almost left without ordering).

Checking out at Target!

Taking a much needed break at target!

Dinner at Buca!
The manager stopped by our table to check on our meal and we told him how disappointed we were that they had taken our favorite ice cream off of the menu so a few minutes later.....these huge desserts showed up at our table.....on the house!!!As always, we had a great time and other than a little mishap at Babies R Us where a lady shot Jackie a bird the day was a blast! This is the clock on my stove when I got home that night! It's blurry....but at that point, I really didn't care! Only 364 more days until our next marathon shopping trip!


Amy L said...

This post totally cracks me up.

Lisa Murphy said...

I was looking for a post about Keith returning home. How is it going and how long is he home for? Lunch!