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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A little bit sugar....a little bit spice!

Sugar and spice...and Everything Nice! That was the theme of Addi's party. It really fits her little personality too! Ha! I have already posted her invitation but I wanted it all on one post so here it is again!The Food Table!Sugar,

and Everything Nice!

Her high chair all decked out!

The cake table!

The cupcakes. I made this cupcake stand and thought it turned out sooo cute!

I also made the cupcake toppers. These cupcakes came from Sam's and they were soooo good!

A couple pics of her smash cake (which to my utter disappointment...she didn't smash).

Her little cake was strawberry on the inside (to keep with the pink theme). I got it from Bumble Bee Bakery on Ridge Rd. I put it in the freezer and will try again on Friday (her actual birthday).

Jackie got her this darling little plate. I love the fact that she can keep it and use it every year!

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"

Addi surrounded by some of her gifts. She got so many nice things!

Poor little thing was just bewildered with everything going on!

Daddy helping her open her gifts!

Waiting for her cake!

It all went downhill when we had to sing the Happy Birthday song twice because I forgot to video it the first time.

Not interested in her cake at all!

This was the party favors.

I made these cute little tags to go on the cotton candy!

All partied out! Poor baby...just couldn't handle all of the commotion not to mention no nap and a double ear infection!



monica said...

Oh my stars, so cute!! I'm already thinking of Cole's bday, just 3 months away!! I have planned on Elmo all along b/c he loves him so darn much. However; seeing this makes me think of a snips, snails and puppy dog tails with brown/blue/green colors copying your little theme. That would be cute and fun too. Darn you for giving me more options ;) You did great, so cute. I want to do cupcakes too, I'd already planned that. I had also seen somewhere the cake plate for each year. Where did Jackie get that???? That is precious!! Did they have 'em for boys?? Love the white lights, I love lights anyway. I fear Cole wouldn't care about cake either, at least we have 3 months to work up to it. He's wierd about eating these days period. Cute, cute stuff girlie!

Janell said...

monica....the plate came from etsy and yes, they do boy colors too. i will ask her about the specific seller.

as far as a boy theme with snips and snails...omg! how cute would that be??? i could help you cut out some things.....that would be so fun.

and if you need to borrow the white lights...i have 2 sets, just let me know!


luanne said...

Oh so cute. Love all the birthday pictures, thanks for sharing

Laura said...

Cute, cute photos and love all the detail you put into it.

Anonymous said...


from Debi

Shelli Ryan said...

She is too cute! I love your food table - so creative! It looks like the birthday girl had a very special day!