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Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea Parties & Tonka Trucks!

I was a slacker in the picture taking department this weekend. Keith had to work so I was on my own juggling events and kids! Saturday it poured and stormed all day. Well, it did stop long enough for us to go to Touch A Truck but it was windy and cold and we weren't dressed for the occasion so it was our quickest visit ever! Brrr!
After TAT, I dropped Drew and his buddy, Logan off at Logan's house and Addi and I went to a Tea Party at church! Jackie joined us but I didn't take one picture of her nor did I get a pic of the cutest little cupcakes ever. They had tea party hats on the top of them! Cute, cute! But I did manage to snap a few pics of Addi and her friend enjoying some tea together! Aren't they just the cutest? Addi is 4 months older than Preslee so they are just now beginning to really play together. They are Nursery buddies at church!
The rest of the weekend was busy as well! Drew was recognized in church for completing this session of Pastor Pals. He got a bag of goodies and he was also awarded a trip to see the Rome Braves in May!
After church we ate a quick lunch and then Keith took Addison home for her nap and Jackie took the kids to Hiram High School to see "Annie". It was soo cute! If you have never attented your local high school plays...you should check into it. The admission price is usually very low and the kids put on a great show. We plan to go see "The Wizard Of Oz" next weekend!

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monica said...

FUN! Next year we are so doing the truck thing. And I saw CATS this weekend at East Paulding, a friend's daughter was in it. I agree, they are always great and a good community event. I'd have seen Annie too if I knew. Wizard of Oz is at Paulding County?