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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hippity, Hoppity......

....Easter's gone away! And I never posted any of our pics! The Easter weekend started out with a near tragic event at Hiram's "Largest Egg Hunt In Georgia" involving these shoes. I will not humiliate myself any further by telling you another lost shoe story similar to this one (scroll all the way down) but I will say that we will probably not be attending this event again next year...or ever! I'm sure if you ask Keith or my sister, Jackie they will be glad to humiliate me tell you the whole story! Things did end on a happy note though (bunny shoe found after a DESPERATE hour long search).

After I calmed down from that chaos, we went to our egg hunt at church. It was so relaxing! Here are the kids listening to Nick and Tim tell the story of Easter.

Well, some of the kids were listening anyway! And other were trying to crawl out of their strollers.

The Hunt!Then we went home and colored our eggs. Note to self.....don't forget Vinegar next timeWe woke up on Sunday morning to see what the Easter Bunny had dropped off while we slept.

Drew's basket!

Addi's basket! (not the table)

Drew sang at church on Sunday morning. And yes, those are flip flops he was wearing. Keith had taken the kids earlier and I met them there. Imagine my horror when he walked up front on EASTER SUNDAY with blue shark flips flops on his feet. I don't think anyone else really noticed but I was cringing the whole time!

On to Jackie's house for our annual egg hunt! Waiting, waiting..........and they're off!Nice stash, Drew!
Stretch, Bailey!Hannah must have found the golden egg! The grownups enjoying the kids and the beautiful weather.

Addison checking out her goodies from Papa and Grandma!Look what she found.......yummy!We had a wonderful Easter...hope you and your family did as well!

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