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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Way Back When-esday!

Every year an event called Touch A Truck is held in our county. It is the coolest thing. They close off a huge parking lot and bring out every kind of truck imaginable....dump truck, ambulance, mail truck, police cars, cranes, UPS trucks...everything! The kids are given free reign of the trucks to climb in and on them as they please. There are also other things to do...giveaways, food, characters and usually a helicopter lands. We have been taking Drew since he could walk and he still wants to go this year.
This picture was taken in April 2001. He would stand at the window and watch the bus come by every day to pick up and drop the neighborhood kids off...so he had an infatuation with buses. When we arrived that day at TAT...he saw the bus and it was all over. He would not come out. We finally had to drag him out screaming to go see the other trucks. (Now he hates the bus and complains when he has to ride it on occasion).
If you live nearby and are interested in attending Touch A Truck this Saturday, click here for more info! If it doesn't rain...we might see you there!
(I do know it is Thursday...I just never got around to posting this yesterday).

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