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Saturday, September 11, 2010

When The World Stopped Turning

I love the words to this Alan Jackson song. Just makes me want to cry for those poor people and what they went through that September day. I can't believe it has been 9 long years....over 3000 days that those people have gone without their loved ones.
It is a James family tradition (usually minus daddy because it seems like he is either working or hunting this time of year) to make cookies and take them to a local fire or police station to show our support for the heroes that protect us on a daily basis.

Drew loves this and always asks me a few days before if we are going to do it this year. My answer is always yes...it's the least we can do, ya know??? He told me today that he loves this tradition and he hopes his wife will carry it on with his kids one day. I told him that he should do so rather his wife does or not. Such a deep thinker he is!As you can tell, Addi enjoyed herself too. She really didn't know what to think but was more than happy to climb up on the fire truck and even held her arms out for one of the fireman to pick her up into another truck. Hopefully, one day she will be doing the same thing with her kids.

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