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Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Neglect

You know...like child neglect but thank goodness...it's just a blog that I have been neglecting. (Well, ok....I may have neglected the kids a little too........don't report me, please). Since we were "iced" (not snowed, iced) in for 4+ days....I have gotten very, very lazy. There were a few days when we didn't even get out of our pj's the entire day (why bother...we couldn't go anywhere). The picture above was taken at the Avenue 5 days after the storwm hit. Pretty cool, huh???

But life has slowly returned to normal (if that's what you want to call it).......Keith was finally able to fly out to Kalamzoo, Michigan, I was finally able to get to Chick Fil A to get some unsweet tea, and Drew, well he was having a Pokemon card withdrawal, so we picked up a pack for him. Addi doesn't really care nor know the difference...lol. So everyone is happy and life has resumed. Hopefully, my blog will too! I have a birthday to post tomorrow so watch for that.

I will leave you with just a few random pics for the last few weeks! Todd and Melissa bought a new house. Isn't is cute??

The Three Musketeers. That's what we call Drew, Connor and Taylor. They are always together running back and forth to each other's houses. Drew and Connor have lived here since birth (and before) and Taylor moved in a year of so later....so they have all grown up together!

Jennifer and Ryan ( the kids of my friend Debi that moved back to Ohio several years ago) came to town to visit their dad and we were able to get together with them and go out to lunch. Jennifer is all grown up and married now with a baby of her own. That's Rylee. Addi was in heaven...a real baby doll for the day!
I watched Malena last week. I have really missed that little girl so it was good to have her back. She is finished with her chemo and her hair is starting to grow back in. She is just precious!

Addi is now spoon feeding herself. Makes me freak a little each time (heaven forbid we get a stain on something). But she is doing great with it. This session just tired her slap out.....lol.
That's all for today! Will be back tomorrow!!! Have a great day!

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