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Monday, January 10, 2011

No School???

Well......that's cool! Drew thinks so anyway! I actually kinda like it too. It's kinda nice to just stay in your pj's in the warm house when it's freezing outside. We did venture out for a little bit to let Addi see what it was all about (and take pictures, of course). She liked it pretty well. Keith was supposed to fly out to Michigan this morning. Thank goodness his flight was canceled and he didn't have to worry about driving this morning!

You might be a redneck............PS.....Just got the call that school is also closed on Tuesday! So I guess we will be hunkered down for at least another day! Happy Snow Day!!!!

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The Bell Family 3 said...

Too Funny. Back when you were pregnant we learned our little girls had so much in common with being our Ladybugs and even had the same bedding! Fast Forward 2 years and guess what? They have the same winter coats! Too funny! I think Jasey & Addi are friends (just a few 1,000 miles away!)