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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cupcake Crazy!!

Yes....I have gone CUPCAKE CRAZY!!! I just can't get enough of watching all of the cake and cupcake shows that are on these days! I did a little research and found that we have several cupcake shops around town. I may just have to start trying them out. Saturday, (some of) our family was getting together for Jessica's birthday (it was also my mom's birthday....she would have been 73). We went to Marietta Pizza Co. on the square and then over to Miss Mamie's for cupcakes. Can you say YUM-MY???

Addi being silly with her cupcake!
Addi and the blond sisters.The gang eating and chatting!The "little kid" table (don't tell Drew I called it that)!
The "big kid" tables!
All of the kids...big and little!!!
Now I know you have heard about Sprinkles....cupcakes for the stars. They started out in Beverly Hills and have branched out to several other cities. They are planning on opening more locations and Atlanta is in the running. You can go right over here...scroll down a bit and vote for Atlanta!!
Now...to change the subject completely.....I have started potty training Addison today. Please say a little prayer for me! We are attempting the "3 Day Technique". She is so cute in her "big girl panties" and we are on our 2nd pair for the day! I will update you later this week on how well this method works! Ha!!
Edited to add.....we are now on our 3rd pair of panties. Literally seconds after I hit the "post" button, I heard Addi saying...."ewwww, dross (gross)" and sure enough there was a little puddle. Did I say I am too old for this???????

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