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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sixteen Candles

My niece, Taylor turned 16. I know. For those of you who knew us way back when....we really can't believe it either. Just doesn't seem possible! Can someone engineer a way to make me feel comfortable with that? (Inside Joke) And what a better 16th birthday gift, then to be able to go to prom on your birthday! Perfect! This is Taylor and her flavor of several months, Jackson! They are such a cute couple!
Even when they are acting like morons!We all went to PF Chang's for dinner. Taylor did not want a party so we just had a dinner instead. (Party or a trip to NYC...which would you pick?). This is the teenage end of the table!
Some of the girls wanted to make a big deal and invite the whole restaurant to sing with us! I was all over that and egged them on. Taylor was mortified!
The cake!!! Love it!
Rachel Morgan! (Beth this one is for you).The "not so teenage" end of the table (hey,I didn't say old).
The birthday girl...all grown up!
And now for the prom pics! Her dress was beautiful!
And do you not just ADORE the shoes???? OH M GEE!
And a kiss for her favorite cousin!


Jackied said...

I love this post. I am so thankful that you handle the blogging for the whole family! And I love the inside joke.

monica said...

Love the shoes, smart girl and they match each other .... too stinkin' cute!!!!