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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Way Back When-esday!

I have been trying to post more but the pics are taking FOREVER to upload. I don't know if it is my new camera and the high mega pixels in the pictures or what. I have been trying to do a post about our trip to the zoo on Sunday and can't seem to get all of the pics uploaded (of course it could have something to do with the AMOUNT of pictures I am trying to upload...there were so many good ones). Anywho......I came across this picture of Drew on his 1st grade field trip to the zoo. This was in 2007. And then when I was looking through my zoo pics from Sunday, I realized I had an almost identical picture of him and Willie B. 3 years later. He is now in 4th grade. Funny thing is...he has the same teacher now that he had in first grade (we love you, Mrs. Hatch).

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