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Monday, September 5, 2011

Addi's 5 Minutes of Fame

I had a Groupon to Picture People a few weeks ago so when I started deciding what outfits to put on the kids...Drew informed me that he was not getting his picture taken. I kept insisting and he kept saying no. So finally I agreed and we just took Addi. Made my life a heck of a lot easier just dressing one kid for pics and not having to coordinate 2 (especially when one is an almost 11 year old boy).

I dreaded it because, well let's just say....Addi is quite "spirited" and I just knew it would be total chaos. I made sure to schedule on a day when Keith could go with us.

We got there and it was the strangest thing I have ever witnessed. She transformed into this sweet (she really is) angelic, little girl who did EXACTLY as the photographer asked. We were cracking up. I have never seen her so still and quiet. The photographer fell in love with her immediately (who doesn't???) and told us she was like modeling clay. However, she posed Addi, she stayed...she would not move a muscle. So needless to say...the pics turned out fantastic and I had the hardest time picking out which ones to get. Here are some of my favorites:
She loved Addi so much that she asked me to sign a model release. Of course, I said yes but didn't think too much of it til a week or so later when a friend of mine said that she saw Addi's pictures on the wall. I high tailed it up there, camera in hand and this is what I discovered. I was soo proud. The photographer on duty said that several people had come in to see her "modeling" display (well, I did post it on facebook, Paulding.com and several other message boards that I frequent......just kidding).

So here, my friends is your future Miss America.........

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