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Friday, September 23, 2011

Whoooo has a new room???

Addi does! That's WHOOOOOO! It was time for her to be out of a crib (sniff, sniff). I had seen this adorable owl stuff at Target a long time ago and knew that's what I wanted her room to be. I started buying the pieces here and there over the last year until I finally had everything.
But she was such a good sleeper in her crib that I just couldn't bring myself to ruin that (you all know that I LOVE my sleep in the morning since I stay up half the night). But she kept asking for her "owl room". So I finally told her when she started going potty all the time, she could have it. Well, guess whoooooo is potty trained??? She sure is! It took several weeks of being the "potty Nazi" but it finally clicked and she only wears a pull up at night and nap now. Last week, I finally got up the nerve to go out in public without diapers and she has had NO accidents! Yay. Addi!
So, without further ado....here is her new room. I just keep going in there and looking around. It turned out so cute!!
I painted and shellacked these 2 little peg board thingys to hold her (ever growing) Gymbo purse collection. I already need another one because these 2 were full as soon as I put it up!
You might recognize her bow holder from this post. I just removed the ladybugs and added some little owls to match!!
I made the banner with my Cricut and the birds were part of the wall decals!
Her new little armoire that I got at Ikea! This is her tutu collection. I know what you are thinking (she's gone overboard again) but in my defense, I must say that she has had some of these since she was ONE. She never outgrows them!! Seriously!! They range in size from 12-18 months up to size 3. I just keep changing the tops with the seasons!!
I need to figure out something cute to put up here so I don't junk it up! Any ideas???
Hope you enjoyed the tour of her new room!


The Neally Family said...

Super cute! Great job!

Karen said...

Very cute... will it stay that neat? LOL

pink pixie cakes said...

sooooooooooo cute! My girls use to have that theme in our old home but they would go around taking off the wall decals all the time LOL.

Mimi2Quads said...

This is just too cute Janell!!!

Caitlin said...

Oh, how adorable! I'm over from Kelly's Korner where I've just posted my triplet's owl nursery. Love owls!