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Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will Never Forget!

Another September 11th. 10 long years. I think this year was more sad than the rest. Not sure if it was because it has been 10 years or what. Jackie and I (and the kids) went to visit the Field of Flags at Kennesaw Mountain. There is one flag for every victim of the attacks. They went on forever.
We just sat under the tree and chatted with people around us about how sad it all is. Everyone said the same thing.....it still seems unreal. Like a dream....or a nightmare. A nightmare that, unfortunately...we will never wake up from.

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Karen said...

Wow, a very moving display. One of the victims, Lynn Goodchild, was a 25 year old girl on her way to Hawaii for a vacation with her boyfriend. She was on the second plane out of Boston to hit the towers. She grew up a couple of streets over from us and went through the same schools as Emily. Her parents keep one of those Christmas-type window candelabras lit in their front window 24/7 year round... burning red, white and blue bulbs. They also fly a big American flag in the front yard every day. It's so sad every time I go walking past their home... a daily reminder of their loss. It reminds me that those 3,000+ families live with the pain every single day, not just on the anniversaries. But, today was a rough one for all Americans. We can never forget.