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Monday, August 22, 2011

Quack Quack's Great Adventure!!

Addi has 2 stuffed Big Birds. She LOVES Big Bird. She calls him Quack Quack.
She got one for Christmas last year and then someone won her one out of one of those machines.

I am trying hard to declutter my house so I thought I would take the cheaper one and put it in the consignment sale this weekend. She's 2...she will never notice, right?


She was with me at the preview sale the other day and she saw Quack Quack on the sale table. (Yikes!!!) This is the conversation that followed.

Addi:"Hey, there's my Quack Quack. I want my Quack Quack."
Me: "No, honey your Quack Quack is at home in your room".

The next morning, I go in to get her out of bed and she has all of her animals/dolls that she sleeps with lined up in her crib....and she says to me in the saddest little voice ever "My other quack quack is lost". So, of course Drew has to get in on it and asks her where it is and she says "at that place". Crap.

So today , we go to pick up the leftovers and as soon as we pull in the parking lot...she starts cheering and clapping and says "We're going to get Quack Quack" (Dear Lord, please don't let Quack Quack be sold.) We walk in and Keith goes to get our pile and lo and behold, who is sitting right on top??? QUACK QUACK!!! Whew!! Quack Quack is BACK!! She was so happy and hasn't put him down since.
I guess I escaped earning the "Worst Mother of the Year" award today, huh????

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