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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Way Back When-esday!

I found these pics at my Dad's house this weekend. Not sure what year this was but I know it was before 1996 (cuz my mom and I planned this party together). My cousins from Michigan were coming into town so we planned a "Christmas In July Pool Party". It was a blast!!!

In this pic starting from the front and going clockwise: Mike Hall, Jackie Deese, Debi Diloreto, Mike Diloreto, Me, Dave Rahman, Corey Hall, Shanna Hall

We made Christmas cookies, decorated the pool area with a tree and Christmas lights, played Christmas music, and even had a gift exchange. Everyone brought a little wrapped gag gift and they were delivered by "Santa" (aka my Dad) on a riding lawn mower. What fun! I think I may steal my own idea next year and have another CIJ party!

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