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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Scrappy Goodness!

Well, since the title of my blog is Oh, Scrap....I decided I should post something scrappy every now and then. As most everyone who knows me knows....I am a scrapbook-aholic. But this being old and pregnant thing has done some scary things to my body (read-no energy), so I haven't been scrapping like I use to. This was an Easter book that I started last year and never finished. I have a million of these projects hanging around my scraproom. I pulled it out the other night and finished it before the night was over. It feels good to complete something for a change. There are 18 total pages to this book so I didn't want to totally bore everyone and post them all. If you would like to see the other pages...just click on the Scrappy Goodness slideshow to the right...they are all there! Enjoy!


angism said...

Very cute!!! Seeing your scrapbooking creations almost makes me want to do it:)

monica said...

Ya know, I've pretty much given it up. After doing them for all the kids for 2 or 3 years, it really took a bite out of my creativity and desire. I have so much stuff down there sitting, makes me sad. I pulled it out this summer, printed pics to work on a cruise album. I stared at it for days before I gave up. I have done a few digi albums and enjoyed those, may continue them from time to time.

I am making my own pregnancy album kinda too. It's more pictures, things saved and then I'm gonna type up journaling stuff from my notes. Then put it in a 3 ring binder with cute paper, no embellishments though. Just to get it all down somewhere. Don't know when/if I'll paper scrap again. Sad, sad, sad.....

You are awesome and your stuff is always gorgeous!!!!!!!!