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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Happenings.....

You would think it was Christmas around here this morning. Drew woke me up before 7am asking if he could have his Valentine goodies. He was soo excited!
Drew at school with Mrs. Chapman (he loves her dearly) and passing out his Valentine cards.
I made these little mailboxes for Drew's teachers.
We delivered a little Valentine gift to this sweet little lady from church.
Drew loves to make his own Valentine cards. I pull out all of my junk and just let him go to town. he made cards for his whole class, cousins, neighbors, grandparents and everyone else he could think of!!
I told him he had one last Valentine surprise that would be delivered later in the evening. He tried all day to pry it out of me...but I wouldn't budge. He ran to the door when the doorbell rang and was a little disappointed when he saw it was "just the pizza man". He changed his tune a little when we opened the box and this heart shaped pizza was inside. How cool is that!



angism said...

That is cool!! I saw that advertisement and thought about getting one myself:) Love the mailboxes for the teachers.

monica said...

I love when people (kids especially) make their own cards, sweet!! I take all my old stuff (and when my friends clean out) to school and my kids love, love, love, love it!!!