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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have an obsession! I know...you're all surprised, right? Janell James obsessed with something? Never! Ok, for real....I am addicted to hair bows. Not drugs, gambling or alcohol....but hair bows. I know most of you are thinking "Boy, did I see this coming". And you're right. I just can't get enough hair bows for Addi. She looks so cute with a bow in her hair. So I was tired of searching through the messy basket that they were all kept in so I decided to make something to keep them organized. I made this cute little hair bow holder for her room. I started with a wooden "A", painted it green and stamped some pink dots on it. Then I added those cute little ladybugs.
Then I added 2 long strands of ribbon...and viola......a place to neatly display her huge collection of bows.

The problem is.......if you notice in the following picture, it's already full. Hi, my name is Janell and I am a bowaholic!


Karen said...

You crack me up! Very cute and clever.

Anonymous said...

I am officially mortified! ;)


Laura said...

How clever of you. Have you been doing any scrapping?

angism said...

How cute!! Ilove the holder and the bows:)

Lisa Murphy said...

You'll have to make more holders now spelling out ADDI and fill all of those!