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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flat Stanley Visits Massachusetts!

The 2nd grade classes at Drew's school read the book Flat Stanley. It's about a little boy who gets flattened and gets mailed to different places. Each child had to make a Flat Stanley and mail it to a friend or relative. Said friend or relative had to take Flat Stanley to visit different places and take pics with him. They then mail FS, the pictures and any other info they have gathered back to the student.
The day the assignment came home, Drew had 2 places in mind to send his. His choices were Uncle Jeff in Alaska or Emily in Massachusetts. He pondered the situation for a bit and decided to send it to MA because according to Drew, "Uncle Jeff might not do it because you know how guys are about stuff like that" (boy do I ever).
So after getting the OK from my friend Karen, FS was off on his adventure. FS returned home a few weeks later (along with a box full of goodies for Addi & Drew, thanks, Karen) with tons of cool pics and other memorabilia. Emily and Karen took him all kinds of fun places.

So then Drew and I put together a display with all of the info. Drew had to present it before the class and Mrs. Chapman said he knew all about the places that FS visited. His grade, you ask? A 100! Thanks so much to Ms. Karen and Emily for hosting Flat Stanley and doing such a good job of entertaining him!

Disclaimer: Drew doesn't normally carry a "Nemo" lunchbox in 2nd grade. He actually had a really cool Batman one (thanks, Aunt Jackie). But since he lost it several weeks ago and I refused to buy a new one this late in the year...we had to resort to his one from pre-school. Not even sure why I still own it.......

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Karen and Emily said...

It was our pleasure to have Flat Stanley visit us. He was a very good guest... quiet and neat! We are very happy that Drew chose us, instead of Uncle Jeff in Alaska because we know how guys are, too. We are so proud of Drew's efforts (and his mom's magic touch)in putting together the project board. It looks awesome and certainly deserves a 100%. Happy Memorial Day!