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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pool Time!

Summer is here! The pool is officially open! Of course, it has been unofficially opened since the first day it turned the least bit warm. Drew is always chomping at the bit to swim and has been sneaking dips for a few weeks now. Keith finally got around to getting it all vacuumed and sparkling clean. He still has to pressure wash the patio and a few other things, but at least now the pool is clean. Now if school would get out, it would really feel like summer. (Yes, we here in good old Paulding County still have another week of school left). This is where Drew spends most of his time in the summer (just like I did as a kid). He loves it and swims like a fish! Some days I tell him when it's bath time..."either get in the tub or get in the pool". Of course, he chooses the pool!

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