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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose!

I'm still alive...promise. I started back subbing this week and worked 3 days. Combine that with having a baby that is not sleeping through the night again. She did great for 2 nights and then on the third day, she got her shots. That ruined it for some reason. She is almost there again though....she's definitely sleeping longer at night so it is getting better.

Today we went to our 2nd annual Duck Derby in Cartersville. It is such a cute little festival. It's a benefit for foster children. People buy ducks (you don't really get the duck) and then at a certain time a dump truck dumps them all in the river. The first duck to the finish line wins a car. They also have lots of other prizes. I think there are something like 20,000 rubber ducks making their way down the river. It is so cool to watch.
Drew watching for the ducks! Daddy watching and waiting.

The first of the ducks to appear.....look closely.
A few more appear.
And then it was a sea (or river) of yellow.
The funniest thing happened. I just happened to glance behind me and noticed my friend Katy (hey, Katy) and her family. She said they were on their way home and just decided to stop by and see what all the fuss was about. These are her 3 kids with Drew.

Drew waiting........ and climbing, and waiting and dropping his whole red snow cone on my feet, and waiting, and slipping in mud.................you get the picture.

Lunch time for Addison.
Addi waiting for the ducks. Maybe next year she will be more interested.

Mr. Quacker walks around taking pics with all of the kids. Notice Addi's dress? I bought this at Gymboree way before she was born for next to nothing. I had this day in mind when I bought it.

The finish line! There is a tube that the winning duck goes into. These teenagers are waiting with laundry baskets to scoop up all of the ducks. I haven't heard if we won the car yet or not. If you see me driving around in a brand new Kia....you'll know we did!!!

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angism said...

What fun!!! What are you doing with Addi when you are subbing?