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Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthday Pics!

Just some birthday pics! Drew picked Buffalo's Cafe for his birthday dinner (who woulda thunk). We had a fun time and it would have been complete except Grandma and Papa Kruse were out of town (they came and celebrated with him the week before).

This is Hannah begging to go and spend the night with Bailey (hmmm...not sure why she was begging, I can't imagine Jackie was going to say no).
The girls scarfing eating the dessert!!
Shannon and Taylor! Can you say Prisspots??
Awwww....sweet Addi!
"Uncle" Jim and "Aunt" Beth! According to Drew, "they haven't missed a birthday yet".
I love this pic of Todd and Shannon. It sure does my heart good to see them get along after years of torturing the daylights out of each other.Micah and Holley!
Precious little Bailey. She is so sweet and quiet.....but you can tell she loves being around the gang!
And then the not-so-quiet! I felt sorry for the people at the tables around us.

I just realized there's not one pic of the birthday boy. I'm sure he was in a corner somewhere counting his money!

Oh, I almost forgot.....I made $326.oo on the consignment sale. Whoo Hoo!!

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Jackied said...

That last picture of Hannah is hilarious. We have a fun, crazy and loud time.