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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just any ordinary Saturday!

NOT!!! I had a wild hair to go downtown and watch the Dragon-Con Parade. (Please don't judge me). I don't really know why I have a desire to see these freaks people....but for some odd reason, I do. I mentioned it to Keith and he thought I was totally outta my mind (can you imagine?). At first he said no way but the more he realized that I seriously wanted to go...he gave in because he knew he wouldn't win anyway. I asked my friend Teresa if they wanted to go and believe it or not...her husband Phil wanted to go too.

Now until 2 years ago...I knew absolutely nothing about this. We just happened to be downtown in 2007 for the World of Coke and caught the tail end of it......and ever since then I have wanted to see more.

So we went. If you are totally in the dark about this(no pun intended)....picture a Disney parade gone wrong combined with Mardi Gras, on Halloween. That about sums it up. And Drew kinda pegged it too. He said, "You could just get anything out of your closet and be in the parade. Smart boy!

There are a ton of pics posted because I had the hardest time deciding. Each one was more bizarre than the last. You really need to click on some of these to make them bigger..........
The Six Flags guy....I love him!
The Incredible Hulk!!
Puss In Boots??!!??
Told ya, there were Disney characters!
This lady really had her baby in the parade. Check out that blinged out stroller!
This is what nightmares are made up of.
Frankenstein and his bride.
I loved this. It's the Mario Brothers!
After the parade, we walked down to Centennial Olympic Park where ESPN was broadcasting. there was all kinds of fun things going on. Home Depot had their free kid's workshop set up and also a booth where you could make posters to take to the games.
There's Addi, enjoying the festivities!
Like mother, like son. (A few of you reading this will understand the significance of this picture).
There's my girl!
Since we didn't bring Drew's bathing suit...I told him he could just jump through the water in the fountain but not to get wet. Hmmmm....5 minutes later this is what he looked like (he minds so well).
Tired kids riding home on Marta!

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wholarmor said...

Looks like some fun times! Your son is like my daughter. We take her by a fountain- not having thought about bringing a swim suit or anything, and she always manages to get soaked!