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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Way Back When-esday!

In honor of Drew's 9th birthday on Saturday, I decided to post a picture of his first birthday. Since Drew is named after my dad (his name is John Andrew...my dad is John), we decided to decorate his room in a train theme which has always been one of my dad's addictions hobbies. So I continued the theme with his first birthday party. We hired a man to bring a train and give the kids train rides and at the last minute, Keith wanted to get a clown. With all of that plus 80 something guests......it was a huge success.

Here is Drew eating his first cake. I'm thinking Addi looks a lot like Drew in this picture, don't you??

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Karen and Emily said...

We remember that birthday party... with the train and the clown. Wasn't there a petting zoo and a pony ride, too?? You're not too over the top! That's why we love you!