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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 4th Day of Christmas

The fourth day is a book. I usually send a book that his teacher can read to the class and then add to her classroom library. But Drew's teacher just found out that she is expecting so I found these cute little Christmas board books and thought that would make her happy!

It’s the FOURTH day of Christmas.
We hope you are doing well.
Here’s one of our favorite stories
That sure is nice to tell!


Hollie said...

Sooo cute!

Lisa F said...

I LOVE your idea and would really like to get more. I enjoy doing things like this for the teachers as well. Could I get your list for the upcoming days before it's too late? Our kids go through the 18th then out for break. Thanks so much for sharing this great tradition! my email is fedele5@yahoo.com Thanks again!!