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Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas in the air!

Wow! We had a busy, busy weekend! Friday night we went to the Tree Lighting in downtown Hiram. It is such a cute little town and it looks even cuter all decked out for Christmas! Hannah stayed with us all weekend so she got to enjoy all of the fun things we did as well. Saturday, we went to the Christmas Parade in Dallas. Brrrrr! We froze our hineys off. Luckily, my niece Belinda knew someone who lives right on the parade route so we got VIP parking and could sit in our car and watch the parade if we got too cold. Saturday night, Drew and Papa went to the movies while the girls...me, Shirley and Hannah (Keith and Addi stayed home and watched football) went to the Women's Christmas dinner at church. It is always so much fun to look at all of the tables that everyone decorates.

Drew and Hannah enjoying the festivities downtown Hiram.

Addi looking at the tree all lit up! This picture just melts my heart!

Here we are at the Dallas Parade!

A Paulding County parade is never complete without the 4 X 4 Association!

This is the daughter of some friends I went to school with (Suzanne Willoughby & Ralph McArthur). She is beautiful!

There's Todd, Melissa & Mikah walking with the Boy Scouts!

This was so cute. They had Christmas music playing and they were dancing!!!

The big guy himself even came from Orlando to be in our little ole' parade!

This is Madison, my friend Tiffany's daughter. I can't believe how grown up (and pretty) she has gotten!

Here is Savannah....our youth friend from church! They stopped right in front of us and I was making her laugh!

A shout out to Ragsdale Heating & Air (maybe this will boost their business so they can give Keith some work).

Drew being silly! We were joking that just anyone could get up that morning and decide they wanted to be in the Dallas parade so Drew decided he was going to join in the parade!

And of course, what Christmas parade is complete without Santa!!!

This is the "before" picture of the little girls table at the Christmas Dinner. You will see the "after" picture in a minute!

This was my snowman table. I forgot to take a picture of the table by itself...hopefully someone did! It turned out very cute!

The "after" picture!

And of course, last night we had to put our shoes out for Saint Nicholas to visit (I have too many traditions...they are wearing me out).


The 3rd day of Christmas is a bottle of Sprite!

It’s the THIRD day of Christmas.
And we wish you much delight
In this season full of fun.
May your days be merry and “SPRITE”

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monica said...

The poems are so cute. I'd thought of going to the parade with friends (Andy had drill), but it was so cold. And why do they light the tree on Friday night instead of Saturday night? Traffic was a nightmare for Andy to get home as always. Someday we'll make it to both. We did the parade about 5 years ago though and it was so cute, soooo long and you're right EVERYONE was in it. It's a good long parade though, perfect small town feel. Cute pics. How often do you do the shoe thing or just a certain night? What's the story there?