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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Way Back When-esday! (and the 5th Day of Christmas)

This picture was taken Christmas 2007. Since I am in charge of games and entertainment at our family Christmas get togethers, I cam up with this silly game. Each person had to scoop out a glob of Vaseline and put it on their nose. Then they had to put their reindeer nose on (paper circles) and do different things that I told them to like, run in place, jumping jacks, etc. The person who kept their nose on the longest was the winner. It was a hoot! Every time I see this picture of my dad, I just die laughing! (I may play this game with Drew's class at their Christmas party).

The 5th day of Christmas is chocolate!

It’s the FIFTH day of Christmas.
And here is something sweet.
There’s nothing like a little chocolate
To make the day complete!

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